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Why I became a PT

August 9, 2017



So after having a quick look at my website you will have seen a brief look at me and how I got into the fitness industry differently to most people.  I was not very athletic when I was in school, I didn't play much sport and while I was completing my A-levels I put on a lot of weight. 


I got myself into a position where I was 17st7 in weight I was drinking to much, smoking and eating all the wrong things. I was living with my nan at the time sorry grandma but I am partially blaming you for letting me have what ever I wanted to eat. 


After moving out of my nan's house and I moved in with my wife I automatically lost some weight just from eating a bit better, I got down to around the 15st mark. This was still not a healthy condition because I was still not improving my fitness levels.


When I started training 


I joined my first gym with no knowledge about what I needed to do so I spoke to a couple of the trainers that worked there and they helped me get started. Food was still a big issue for me and this mainly being portion control. 


The trainers I had in the first gym were great and after a few weeks of doing the basic exercises I started to feel better in my self.  I then decided to joined a few classes such as circuit training and strength and conditioning, more weight was coming off me and I was really noticing the benefits of having a regime. 




Things progressed further when I started to train with a good friend of mine and I started lifting more weights. I was getting stronger but I had not lost enough fat before I started to rebuild. 


I then left the gym I was in and joined a bigger gym that had really good facilities and it was while I was there that I got fitter and healthier then I had ever been.


Mistakes I have made


I got involved with a "nutritional company" as they call themselves I used the products I sold for a while and the weight dropped off. The only good thing to come out of working with this company is I found how much I really liked helping people reach their health and fitness goals. 


Life changes 


I made the decision to become a personal trainer when I realised how much I liked helping people. It was good to make people achieve the things they didn't think they could. 


My Qualifications 


I signed up to open study college as I was able to study and work at the same time. I completed my level 2 fitness instructors course and then went on to complete my level 3 personal trainers course, along with these I am also a trained first aider.

Since qualifying I have already started to have a positive impact on a number of different people (testimonials on website and more on my Facebook page).


Within the fitness industry there is always new methods and techniques for helping as many different people as possible so I am always studying and trying to learn as much as possible. 





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