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How to deal with injury???

September 19, 2017

So unfortunately some of us are going to sustain injuries either through training or general life activities. Recently I actually chipped a bone in my elbow and my wrist. So I'm currently unable to use my left arm which means no lift any weights for around 6 weeks.  For me this is a massive part of my training and I've had to make some big adjustments to the way I train. After 6 weeks I will then have a period of rehabilitation on my arm to help get the full range of motion back.  


How do you stay focused during this time?


1.  Be grateful for what you have.  

It is going to be important to remember that just because you have injured one part you can still do something else. For me because I have damaged my arm I am still able to do lower body workouts and cardio. That is what I have been focusing on since my injury.  


2.  Focus on food. 

As I'm unable to train how I usually would I am having to make sure I am keep a better track of my food.  During this period of time I am actually working on a fasting basis where I eat from 12 to 8pm. Fasting is meant to work because it give the digestive system a good rest this then means your body works more efficiently in cell redevelopment.  I decided to give this a try now while I am not training so intensively so I can see if I notice any benefits in this way of eating.  


3.  Goal adjustment 

So for me I don't have big lift goals but if I did I would be readjusting my goals so it meets what I am capable of doing. I am working on cardio this is mainly working around incline walking due to having to minimal movement in my arm. 


4. Try new things 

So after I have got to point when I can put weight through my arm again and I have full range of movement I will start including body weight and light weights into my routine. By slowing the motion down and using light weights it will help to rebuild the muscle. 


5 Sharing what you have done. 

For me one of the things that is helping me is being able to share with people what I have done and how I am going about staying active. This just shows that people who are injured can keep going. 


So just remember even if you get injuries you can still keep going and that it isn't the end of the world. 

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