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Is breakfast important?

February 10, 2019

All the talk over the years of breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Is it really?


If you have breakfast then you fuel yourself for the day you're going to have. All the fuel the body needs is going to come from food.


Breakfast for your goals?


When you are looking to lose weight is it good to use intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is where you shorten your eating window so normally means missing breakfast and not consuming anything until 12 and not consuming anything after 8. This is a tool that can be used but it isn't essential. Removing breakfast is a sure way to reduce your daily calories as you are cutting a meal out, as long as this doesn't lead to you binge eating later on in the day.  


Sticking with weight loss it isn't essential that you remove breakfast you just need to add it to your calories, which is still very controllable. 


With weight gain it would be silly to miss out on breakfast as you need to make sure that the body is fuelled so your body wont be looking to take energy from the body and depleting muscle. 


Me myself I love breakfast so I dont normally miss it out, I have tried fasting and didn't get on with it well I always found I was really hungry and lethargic. It would mean I do not do as well when working out and found my concentration levels dropped. 


My favourite thing to have for breakfast will always be either a cooked breakfast were I have sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, beans, eggs or a bacon and egg bagel. Even though this is my favourite thing to have I dont always have it I sometimes have things like porridge or cereal instead. 


Just because cereals have a lot of sugar in them doesnt meant they are a bad thing to have just make sure it fits within the calories you need for the goals you have. If you cut out all the foods you enjoy you are more likely to relapse, instead just have the foods you enjoy in moderation and within your calorie target.  

In short if you want breakfast have it and if you don't then don't. 






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