Protein supplements

Protein supplements are a massive market and there are a million companies that are selling the stuff so what are the benefits of them, what do you need to take? when do you need to take it?

What does protein do?

Protein is the building block of muscle, it is made up of amino acids (20 in total) 9 of these are essential and 11 non essential they re named so because some you have got to get from food because the body doesn't produce them.

Protein helps to build muscle and repair torn muscle fibres so it is really important to make sure that consume enough when trying to build muscle.

Why does supplementing protein benefit you?

Making sure we consume enough protein on a day to day basis is really important to help build and repair muscle and if we don't consume enough we are likely to struggle in these areas.

To hit our daily protein target 1.5g-2g per KG of body weight can be difficult especially if you restricting calories to help drop body fat. having a protein supplement can be a really easy way for not to many calories to get additional protein in your diet.

It is also really efficient way to get protein in your diet. i take 2 seconds to make a shake and consume.

If you are trying to loose weight making sure that you have got a high quantity of protein is going to feeling fuller for longer. If you feel full you are likely to stay out of the cupboard looking for snacks.

when do you need to take protein?

This is a topic for debate some people will say you have got consume protein as soon as you have finished training to maximise muscle growth but this isn’t something you should stress about.

As long as you are hitting the right levels of protein through the day you are going to be fine.

What do you need to take?

In general a normal whey protein is going to work perfectly fine.

If you have specific dietary needs then you will have to be a bit more specific there are a number of vegan proteins on the market. Lactose free proteins are available to.

You don’t have ti go out and spend loads of money on them. All you need to do is find one you like and mixes well.

So now you have got a bit more information on proteins and what you need to take hopefully you can get the right product for you.

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